This program offers recent graduates a way to advance their knowledge within the field of cyber security. As well as, market themselves as desirable candidates for recruitment into government roles. The program provides guidance for further upskilling within the domain of cybersecurity.

Course content

  • Welcome, introduction and motivation
  • So, you want to be a hacker…
  • Networking fundamentals and secure networking
  • Vulnerability and risk management
  • Hacking the planet; well, not quite…
  • Cryptography – Part 1 and access control
  • Cryptography – Part 2, PKI, certificates and secure mail
  • Threat and open-source intelligence
  • Application and website security
  • Programming fundamentals for cyber
  • Securing the enterprise
  • Securing the cloud
  • Securing the endpoint and human
  • Dashboarding and reporting
  • Legal and ethical Issues
  • Legislation, regulations, standards and frameworks
  • Incident response and digital forensics

Learning outcomes

  • Define cyber security, network security, vulnerability assessment, intrusion, and attack methodologies
  • Understand the governance perspective and how security frameworks and controls are applied
  • Apply networks attack methodologies and conduct network exploitation, while understanding common vulnerabilities within web applications and the fundamentals of WAF
  • Gain an understanding on security challenges within cloud environments, as well as understand the requirements to secure them 
  • Understand and write code following cyber security best practices and apply codes in various languages, while ensuring they are written securely 
  • Define intrusion and attack methods and conduct network exploitation
  • Understand the definition of forensics, threat hunting and incident response. While analysing standard alerts and prioritization based on significance
  • Understand SOC & SIEM and apply certain forensic techniques, as well as certain SOC related scenarios
  • Understand encryption and obfuscation, as well as understanding its significance in cyber security
  • Understand how to generate reports for various levels of management


  • 1 Month